Damnn its 9a.m and im thinkin bout that bottle of wine in the fridge when i get off 🤣smh

getting paid biweekly is so ghetto, I can’t do this no more 😭🙄

When you’ve been so conditioned to defend yourself, it’s hard to know when someone is simply trying to love you. Today I want you to know YOU deserve to be LOVED. I ❤️ You!

Wouldnt mind another weedful lockdown lol

I hope we go back on lockdown I ain’t gone even lie

You wanna come to paradise🐚🌸 Flower Bikini made by me✨

Hardly seen, but always noticed❤️‍🔥

First time doing something like this… loved itttt🎀🙌🏽

I talk my shit about Valdosta because it's literally always shenanigans 😂

Finna have all the guest shook "yah its a chair and also a cup"😂😂

Mann I wish valdosta had a Chipotle

Treating myself to a nice lunch today... feeling classy😎

I wanna do a lesbian cabin couples trip like why did I get married 🤣

I’m ready for Christmas 😭😭😭

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Look who’s back singing 😁

Rewatching twilight and now I see that the whole series happened because Bella was dumb and selfish. Everything could’ve been avoided but she wanted to have her cake and eat it to. Stupid tail self.