Why is the clit of the cinnamon roll the best part?

Manifesting works y’all and I’m shook. Let me get a journal

My job just went full time telework forevaaaa. I’m so happy rn I can move anywhere I want to 🥳

My back is killllllling me 😑

Ive obviously been binging and I’m just over it. I wanna see us win not fighting over the same mediocre man just because he seems attracted and safe. That’s all, thank you for coming to my Ted Talk ✌🏾

ALSO. Let’s start checking these men too cause if the purpose is “inclusion” or whatever performative bs how about men who have proven track records of being attracted to black women. Not the black men who notoriously date white women and once again leaving blk women out. TIRED

I want black women to get their bag, always. However, I want them to stop going on Love Island. They do not cast the right men for them and then they are left standing as if they aren’t the baddest bitches there. It’s giving anti black women

It’s the way Adele sings that’s let’s me know it was melanin that was missing in her marriage.

i used to lie to y’all... my mom didn’t say no, i did

I forget about the Kief section of my grinder all the time and when I remember it I’m always pleasantly surprised 🥰

So. I dont think I give off Leo energy. Not like the girlies I am seeing on the clock app. I’m sure it’s because I’m on the cusp of Virgo but I dont like that. Why do I need to do meditate or something ??😩

Today I had enough energy to deep clean my house, I love that for me 💕

Idk why but something about seeing “ thank you for your payment “ really pisses me tf off lol

Channing Tatum posts on his Instagram story like an angsty teen lol

I’m sorry but I said what needed to be said 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 there was time & place for all thisssssss

B I O T I N…….You needs for your thin ass hair