stage costume in the making

Finished comm for Enjoy! ^^

My clown friend is an Art streamer~ check her out if you interested in Traditional arts

Okay so far it's this: wendy- rock genre (rock star) yeri- vlogger irene-actress/theatre and in conclusion (my own), I'm betting these are their personal career trajectory. Like it's an answer to "what's next for you" betting seulgi- arts joy - fashion

I still like these

A panel for a tik tok I did recently 🥺💖

What’s a poor little church mouse to do?

Identify them by their body arts 🔥🔥🔥😍

She-Venom By Old zhang

A simple “better luck next time” would’ve sufficed

JAMBO: Hello Afrika and tell me how are you doing today ✊🏿

FIXXXX NAK DAFTAR MASUK CLUB JONATHAN CHRISTIE LEPAS NI!! The way he engraves the crucifix sign on his body is SEXYH-

Lost and Found... Photographer Thеo Gosselin.

Omg I just realised these arts are connected :0

i think syo would be into arts n crafts. i think he makes like 13 kandi bracelets that all spell out some variation of ‘balls’

Teaser of one of the character arts to the new game releasing soon. Codename "Lockdown"

fun fact cheng xiao was part of shenzhen arts school's chinese dance team that won 2nd place in the tao li cup on 2012 the tao li cup is one of the most competitive dance competitions in china exclusively for the youth, participants come from top professional dance schools

The last of the patreon suggestion, gengars got a lot of tongue action~