Soooooooo? WHAT THE FUCK?????????? with colours?

i love the colours so much

Concept :- "Colours" Painted by Arnish Paul

The amount of people who have shown their true colours to me this year is unbelievable. God said this is the year of truth for real

Working on a thing.

This photograph is black and white picture. An artist has drawn some colour lines through it. The human brain is filling the rest of the colours even though they aren't there. zoom in look closely. We tend to fill in using the availability heuristic which is a cognitive bias.

🐶: I love the official colours the best! my WIN:D has own colours and those colours are what I love the most~❣ kim jaehwan fan pabo.. 🥺🥺❤

tried out the random colour generator website (last rt) and i got two of my fav colours :D

Another example of finished card, using different colours for background.

Casual Cheelai in Broly Colours~

Hi, , could I draw you as my friend? I don't have friends and you are friendly to everyone. All converge. (Sorry for colours, my crayons really sucks)

Which colours best suit? 😀

Some cool stuffs like Spec Sheets, Colours or Promotional stuff.

Love the colours on these green beans. Just wish I liked eating them🤣

Since the Mental Out manga just dropped, I think it's prime time for me to post this doodle of Shokuhou I drew a couple days ago :D✨ (I was trying to nail down how her hair worked lol~)

If you love tigers you can order tiger portraits in small or big size. All portraits will be painted with oil colours on canvas

// bright colours , eye contact spare 10 perhaps ?? :o I do cool art and I‘m posting new art soon aswell !! :D

(Very messy) WIPs of MikoMisa in suits~⚡✨