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The course is hosted on the biggest global elearning platform Udemy, and can be accesed on the link below The course covers what NCDs are, how to prevent and manage them. Also the course discuses NCDs in relation with contemporary issues

Sound effects and editing are essential parts of our process to create our unique learning experiences.👂 Though it sometimes goes unnoticed, sound editing plays a huge role in the way people perceive and interact with our learning modules.

10 ways to help anxious students with elearning 😟 | 8. If you get the same worried question more than once, post an announcement with the answer. Other learners are wondering too.

A quick take on why it is time to include in your training strategy.

A learner's time is valuable—we have to make sure we design with it in mind.

Educating the educators ultimately improves quality of teaching learning for students. With NISHTHA, elementary teachers have been provided online training via DIKSHA platform

Did you know that you can trial our courses? A trial account gives you access to the first module of all our courses for free. Any progress you make will be saved so if you do decide to buy, you can continue from where you left off.

The summer holidays are the perfect time for teachers and students to take some time for self-care to recharge, ready for the new school year in September! Why not take a look at our FREE pshe lesson on the importance of self-care! Visit➡️

Vector fields, trajectories and ordinary differential equations (from Chaos: A Mathematical Adventure)

You can never go wrong with Darasa. Our platform is truly the best study partner!

10 ways to help anxious with elearning 😟 | 10. Praise & encouragement are excellent cures for online learner stress.

Last week we shared our blog on choosing the right visuals for eLearning. Here's a quick visual reminder!

Since the Tokyo Olympics are happening, we thought of sharing a question related to sports. Let's see how many are able to answer this interesting question.

We're so thrilled that the new is open in the ! If you're a UNMC faculty member, be sure to check the new space out -- hint, it's located right next door to our E-Learning Lab space.

Ya Allah, Please forgive us, and make the day of our return to You easy. Ameen!😢

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that every child learns differently and diversifying learning modalities is a necessity for student success.

DCU's Essential eLearning hub launched last week and is accessible to all staff. There's some brilliant learning opportunities, and there's even a short course dedicated to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 🤗 find out more below!

Training experiences attune employees to the effects of change and give them an outlet to share their insights. A primed work force will be better able to rise up to meet the new challenges.