vtubers when you get down to it are so fucking funny like this thumbnail removed from any context is destroying me

📸| Lucy Dryzek via Instagram: "You’ve got something funny in your ear pal. ❤️"

it's very funny watching discord desperately trying to monetize irc like a cartoon character scrambling up a sheer cliff attempting to find purchase

this has no business being this funny (h/t )

Boosie: m*lester his own kids TI: s*xually assaulted multiple women and is dealing with the cases rn Da Baby: punched a woman, spit on fans and tried to be funny by bringing out a woman’s abuser while she was present Tory Lanez: literally shot a woman

It's funny that Wahlberg is one of the actors with the biggest delusions of grandeur but he still vanity-cast a guy who's his actual height

“It’s just a joke, a meme, a troll” scream the accounts quote tweeting me with obscenities, and whose profiles are filled with nothing but hopes for a film to flop, and tweets that are desperate plays for attention from a director who has moved on. Now THAT really is funny.

EdSer getting screen time and the scene being actually funny? we won ✋🏻

i dont like this episode but absolutely love it it is so funny edser

society if bo burnham did not tell us a funny story

bye..i love woong so freaking much now..he is precious....he may be look funny and all but once he start being emotional..he goong to make u cry😭😭

its the funny number

The Dua Da Baby thing is funny because she’s like “I don’t recognize this as him” as if men like him don’t specifically reserve their gentleness for white women

It's not even funny again. Where is Yousef?

It’s not funny but I laughed bc this world is really coming to an end. Nobodies loyal and I see everyone cheating and I’m just like wow 🥴😭.

30 people found this low effort, 10-minute-to-make shitpost funny

One of the reasons why my bias are Taehyung and Yoongi. HAHAHAHAHAHA Their tandem were so funny. HAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣

Why is this so funny 😂

haha. you’re so funny, “husband”.