Summer time ⛱️Tristana went for a swim 💦

Out of 50 dreams, one is here. He wanted to swim in Cenotes Dream 21/50 DREAMER SUSHANT

Earlier received his 4x200m Freestyle 🥇 for his part in the victory - a cracking heats swim ❤️

+++ IMPORTANT MESSAGE +++ Fully vaccinated people are allowed to swim with smol baby otters. +++ END OF IMPORTANT MESSAGE +++

Sunset swim. Seaford, July 2021.

Watching Katie Ledecky swim the 1,500.

just watched a gaylor win the silver medal for the 1500 swim. representation!

Swimmers from Swim Lab Asia get behind Hong Kong’s history-making Siobhan Haughey who just took out sliver at

Katie Ledecky's historic gold in the women's 1500m free is also the 250th gold medal for the U.S. Olympic swim team 🥇 |

We're just not seeing an uptick in swim to school day. I mean we handed out goggles, flippers and shark repellent, guess we're just not a swimming culture.

No way say . Happy to swim at our own risk harming nobody. See you tomorrow 5.30pm at the boat slip for a dip with our own PRO swimming signs. Who's Sea our Sea 💕🏊‍♀️🏊‍♀️

Early morning swim this morning at 6.30am 🥳

Brooke Forde helps team USA advanced to the finals of the 4x200 with a time of 7:47.57. Here is some footage of Brooke’s swim!

After Team USA got their gold medals for the 4x100-meter freestyle relay at the Olympics, Caeleb Dressel tossed his gold medal to teammate Brooks Curry in the stands, who watched didn't swim in the final, but he was part of the team that qualified for the final

Instead of holding a global event every 4 years to determine which country can do the best cartwheels or swim faster. We should have a global event on which country is healthiest, has less poverty, and fights climate change best.

‘he finally remembered there’s someone in the team who didn’t like to talk but never hesitated to go into the water to pull the boat. and during the rescue mission yb firmly said, [i can swim professionally, i can go into the water.]’ that’s our idol wang yibo T-T <3

In the water polo competition, Japanese players swim on Chinese players.🙄