tell your boyfriend if he says he's got beef that i'm a vegetarian and i ain't fucking scared of him

- - -[<3⋆·˚] low cal vegetarian meals ! (a 🧵)

"When you put good-looking and good-tasting food in front of people who aren’t vegetarian it’s great to hear them say, ‘I didn’t know vegetarian food could taste this good!’" - Paul 🌱 Read Paul's thoughts on the new cookbook :

I cant stop thinking about meat lover kirishima who learnt to cook as many vegetarian dishes with no other intention than to make vegetarian bakugo feel comfortable every time they hang out and not worry about his meals. And bakugo just falling for him cause +

I LOVE HIM SO MUCH FOR THIS. as a vegetarian I really appreciate he think of ways to make us feel comfortable. he's so thoughtful. jungkook best boy.

I don’t understand the point of dedicated vegetarian food… Just make it vegan PLEASE

100 thousand likes and i wear my new shirt to work tomorrow 🙏

Being a vegetarian is such a huge missed-steak

When it's Sawan and you're now vegetarian.

jeon jungkook is an angel,,, as someone that is vegetarian and pretty sensitive to seeing meat sometimes, this makes me feel very comfortable

Hum pure vegetarian hain.. AUDIENCE WANT FATEJO

when taylor nation called me about the secret session 2 years ago, they asked me if i had any dietary restrictions and i - a vegetarian with a gluten intolerance - was so excited that i said, “no, none at all.”

Tonight's at Le Petit Citron! The perfect chance to try all our plant based and vegetarian dishes at half price!

hx: ok im gonna buy food, is anyone here vegetarian ? hc: no im an aquarius xl: san lang, ur a gemini sqx: but i thought he's chinese ? hx: my fucking god

My favorite to make. Perfect for any occasion


(vegetarian) caprese BLT with balsamic dipping sauce 👌🏼

vegetarian armys let’s collect our crumbs 🥲