look i’m finally watching game of thrones but why does robb stark look like jack harlow i can’t do this today

she says she’s ok but she hasn’t been to an aquarium in years

sza saying “fucking with you feel like jail nigga” is the funniest shit ever like it’s too real

no fr though!!!!!

rip pudgy owa owa

i love telling my bf ab my work drama like he knows what’s going on he knows but he doesn’t it’s so funny

today is the day Forrest should start running

moving in silence is so boring im crying 😭

handling opening our new section by myself today for work gonna make some coffees 😳🥶 wish me luck imma need it

this tweet goes out to all of the people just sitting in their cars. i know y’all must be down so bad you can’t even walk into your own job or house

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that breakup saved you. that friendship that ended was good for a reason. that person that left you just made you stronger. trust me, you good

Best thing I ever did is find me a Pisces 🐠

nose piercings are actually the best piercing and anyone who has a nose piercing is so sexy